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I didn’t know this yesterday

There is a key to the White House (I had presumed, correctly, that the Obama’s don’t use it).

Euphemisms galore

Ahh yes, nothing like innuendo. The options are limitless thanks to the Euphemismator. The first one I got:

With a crowd of observers forming, the couple was rolling in the hay with the Subway sandwich.

And with the intro locked:

With a crowd of observers forming, the couple was shooting the Lincoln log.

If you’re looking for a more pertinent euphemism generator, why not follow the National Review’s lead in extrapolating on the new Overseas Contingency Operation! Yay, reality!

George Hussein Timberlake

Magazine covers are an art form stuck between dying and thriving. There’s still plenty of innovation happening, just as the magazines around them start to crumble at their foundations.

On that note, you can help settle the vote for ASME’s best covers of the year, here. Pick your favorites in the comments. Mine is a tie, between innovation and ice cream:

Esquire’s “3s” State of the American Male cover. Mix and match your favorite actor, politician, and diva.

Bon Appetit’s photographers have their way with ice cream.

(Via A Photo Editor)

No more lolcatz

This is cool and useful – maybe. Google News has a new feature, dubbed Spotlight, which harnesses one of the company’s algorithms not to collect the latest news, but the most lasting. The results is a news front page that includes The New Yorker’s profile of David Grann, Maria Bartiromo getting tossed on health care, and a Fox News op-ed on why the Obama Administration will implode…in the next few weeks.

It seems to have some kinks to work out, but the general idea – as explained by the Neiman Journalism Lab – is that the algorithm will point out oft-linked and oft-read articles, which are hopefully signals of quality and importance. Neiman also points me to Give Me Something To Read, a site which does just that by culling the hordes of those using a must-have application cited previously on Meanderings, Instapaper.

Let the curating of the Internet commence!

(Via Big Think)