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You Can Make Johnny Cash’s Last Music Video

Submit a drawing of Cash, and it’ll be stitched into the music video for his haunting posthumous song, “Ain’t No Grave.” You can watch the video in different ways, with different images. I only wish the frame rate was a bit slower to take in each one, but, the effect works nicely.

Unrelated Music Video News: I like the latest LCD Soundsystem video better than its cousin, from OK Go.

On The Phantom Menace and Storytelling

This 70-minute video review of The Phantom Menace bounced around the Internet a few months ago, but I’m just now getting to it. I can count on both hands the number of video reviews I’ve ever watched. But this is epically packed with humor, geekery, and most importantly for our purposes, insightful storytelling tips.

Are there better ways to spend 70 minutes? Yes! In fact, definitely yes! But there are worse. If nothing else, check out the first two episodes, which are chock-full of obvious but crucial points (The Characters! Drama!):

The End of Publishing

I have no idea whether to believe the first or second half of this two-minute YouTube video. But I salute ingenuity:

(Via clusterflock)

Werner Herzog as Plastic Bag

What better way to spend 18 minutes than with Werner Herzog narrating the life and inner thoughts of a plastic bag?

Just because

Who knew the problem with Transformers was that it wasn’t absurd enough? May your weekend be this exciting:

Vader before Jones

Behind the scenes movie-making fascinates me. Here’s what Darth Vader sounded like before James Earl Jones redubbed the voice:

(Via MetaFilter)

A Brief Flipbook of Everything

Say what you will about the revisionist history (Birds immediately after The Asteroid hits? Really?) but this is certainly painstaking and clever:

Question: Estimates of how many pieces of paper that required?  800?