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Reggie Bush is Jon Gosselin

The second story on SportsCenter this morning: Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are breaking up.

This confirms something I’ve been mulling for a while: sports news is basically celebrity news for guys. It has media-hyped feuds, pointless awards shows to give Joan Rivers – err, I mean Stuart Scott – something to talk about, prima donnas whose opinions are irrationally sought on all matters. The average sports fan, I contend, spends more time consuming gossip than games.

Look in the mirror the next time you’re watching SportsCenter while a girl friend reads People. I’ve done it. It’s not pretty.

Sports R Fun

Picture 1The top news on ESPN.com at 8:35 p.m.: special treatment for college stars, 24 arrests for one team in four years, $131 million paid to one player, “poor judgment,” Ryan Leaf (who knew?) is a burglar, a racist crew chief, a prison beatings, and knowingly neglectful engineering.

At least the Yankees and Red Sox are playing. Ooo…and Tiger’s doing, umm, something!

Good writin’

Good friend Kevin Armstrong writes at SI.com about the “best” newspaper sports department of all time: the 1970s Boston Globe. I can’t really argue with this, particularly given the names that come up on the list: Gammons, Ryan, McDonough, etc. But I can offer one alternative: the 1990s Kansas City Star.

The columnists: Joe Posnanski and Jason Whitlock. If you’re a sports fan, you know them. Can you say that about any other small-market’s sports columnists?

The reporters: Wright Thompson (ESPN.com’s best writer), Jason King (Yahoo’s college football and basketball guy), Dick Kaegel (now with MLB.com), Mechelle Voepel (women’s bball at ESPN), and Ivan Carter (Wizards beat reporter for the WaPo).

That’s my vote. Any other nominees?

And a related note: it appears SI just redesigned its site today. Take a look, and compare to, say, ESPN or Yahoo Sports. The biggest difference? When I load up SI, I have to scroll down before I get any actual news. Hopefully they change that…