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Gladwell on rereading

I hate rereading, rewatching, and in some ways, relistening. I can count on one hand the number of books I have read multiple times, by choice, and chalk up my inability to quote movies to the fact that it is a rare movie indeed that I give multiple viewings. Songs I love will get cut from playlists mere months later. This stems mostly, I think, from a recognition that there is an endless supply of reading and watching and listening material, and that I’d like to get through as much of it as possible.

Malcolm Gladwell disagrees:

Re-reading is much underrated. I’ve read The Spy Who Came in from the Cold once every five years since I was 15. I only started to understand it the third time.

This is from a series of quippy points in The Guardian from Gladwell, most recently seen questioning the value of spies. I can see the value of rereading, but I’m not sure I’ll end up using my limited amount of time to do any more of it.

Thirtsy bats

The Guardian has one of the more elaborate photo shoot set-ups we’ve seen:

Thankfully, the result is pretty cool:

Click through for more.

This much they know

The Guardian has an ongoing series – apparently it’s been going on for years – that boils down to asking celebrities questions about life. It’s not particularly unique (Esquire has a similar series), but most of the people are British, so if you close your eyes, you can almost hear how wise their accented pearls sound.

Some samples:

I was born quite a pessimistic person. When I’m driving I constantly visualise the person in the other car doing something really stupid and killing me. I keep as safe a distance as I can.

First thing in the morning, at seven, I wash my face. I have my breakfast – an egg and Kellogg’s cornflakes with skimmed milk and Sweet’N’Low – and I try to get on with it.

If you’re comfortable you’re doing no good for anyone. I wrote to the News of the World and asked to write for them. If I wrote for this mag, I’d be preaching to the converted.

My father had a style based on Bing Crosby. He liked the sports jackets and trousers, and that thing with the one hand in the trouser pocket. He used to smoke, so the other hand was busy.

I thought a lot about revealing that I had threesomes.

Can you guess which one is Niall Ferguson? Bill Nighy? Jane FondaBrian Wilson? Jamie Oliver?

Cataloguing History

Three photography links from The Guardian (All via MetaFilter):

– A history of Guardian photography. Only 15 photos to cover 100 years? Let’s pick up the pace.

– Ditto on this slideshow of acclaimed Guardian photographer Don McPhee – ditto on the complain, though it’s picks up in the second half. Note on both these how much more enjoyable the slideshows are with two narrators bouncing off each other.

– And a cool story about a photograph.