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NPR is listing 50 Great Voices, one a week, all year. So far there’s Iggy Pop, whose voice was a weapon, and Mahalia Jackson, who vocalized the Civil Rights Movement.

There are far worse ways to spend six minutes than listening to Mahalia Jackson.

Haiti in a mirror

There are some terrible pictures coming out of Haiti, and I have nothing substantive to add that hasn’t already been said. Except to note that this is the “best” pictures I’ve seen thus far:

The mirror. Man. More from NPR.

New Song by Coldplay, Sly Stone, AC/DC!!

Well, sort of. This Web site lets you type in a song lyric, and converts them to spoken words culled from a bevy of songs:

Picture 7

The toughest part is figuring out what songs each word comes from. So far I’ve deduced that the chorus from the above lyric (which I just wrote) is sung by Coldplay, AC/DC, and Sly Stone, in that order. Give it a spin.

(Via ASC)

How we work

NPR’s Planet Money takes a look at how and why and where we work (among other questions). They’re slideshows, with average photos made interesting by hearing the people talk about and explain – and even justify – their work. My favorite is the retail associate.


GQ is hiding an article implicating Vladimir Putin in several Chechen bombings that helped lead to his rise to power. That’s about all I know about the piece, because you can’t find it online. This isn’t a stand by GQ against the freeloading internet masses, they’re just scared someone will actually read it.

NPR had the story about the story; Gawker has a Russian translation.

Life in 4:16

Radio Lab is the best radio show you aren’t listening too. It’s on NPR. It’s on iTunes. It’s got a Web site. Just find a way to listen to it.

My cousin Pete pointed me to this episode, in which a filmmaker tells the story of life – or life’s moments – in 4:16 seconds. Pete’s favorite moment was the kickball scene a minute in. I love that too, but mine is the girl crying at 3:20.

What’s yours?

No Swimming

Hot where you are? Same here. This NPR slideshow of abandoned swimming pools probably won’t help you cool off, but it may make you sympathetic to the heat-ridden plight of others. Or, at least, the pictures look cool.


This American Life’s ‘Giant Pool of Money‘ is still the best explainer out there on the credit crisis – and its spawn, NPR’s Planet Money, is the best day-to-day summary for everyone like me who is still confused.

But this video is freakin cool:

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

The graphic design is beyond me, but a great example of how to combine a whole bunch of mediums – with a narrator – to explain something clearly and concisely.