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Fire Island Subway Map

Transit Authority Figures have put together subway maps for places that don’t need them. Here’s Fire Island:

I’d love to see one for Kansas City, though preferably it would be real. Also: the Florida Keys.


Filling the void

I actually believe MOMA’s home can claim to being a more interesting building than the Guggenheim Museum, but there’s no challenging the Guggenheim’s iconic and revolutionary design. Unless you turned it into a water slide:

More here, from the museum’s request that architects reimagine the building’s  void.

The End, Revisited

Design maven and Kansas native (and Meanderings’ rec league basketball teammate) Marshall Rake has a cool book. It’s filled with the end of famous novels, reimmagined. Here’s “On The Road”:

More at Epilogue Magazine. Even more here.

Dear Lolita

Venus febriculosa had a contest to design a new cover for Lolita. My favorite was a runner-up:

The winner here. All the submissions here.

Beer doesn’t sell itself

For your weekend…beer!

Craft beer is a curious market. They’re all better than Miller Lite. But it’s hard to figure out which ones are better than others if you’re in a store like this. That’s why craft beers would do well to invest in top notch design, like these 15 great ones. This is my favorite:

But I’d probably buy this one:

(Via Twitter @ryanlq)

Designing newsprint

Can design save newspapers? No.

This guy thinks it can save them – and a lot of other things. Good design certainly doesn’t hurt, and insofar as good design means providing more and better information to consumers, then it’ll help.

I question his statistics at the end, mostly because readership is up in general in many of the places he’s had success. But I’d still put great design as an amplifier, rather than a catalyst, for success.