No more lolcatz

This is cool and useful – maybe. Google News has a new feature, dubbed Spotlight, which harnesses one of the company’s algorithms not to collect the latest news, but the most lasting. The results is a news front page that includes The New Yorker’s profile of David Grann, Maria Bartiromo getting tossed on health care, and a Fox News op-ed on why the Obama Administration will implode…in the next few weeks.

It seems to have some kinks to work out, but the general idea – as explained by the Neiman Journalism Lab – is that the algorithm will point out oft-linked and oft-read articles, which are hopefully signals of quality and importance. Neiman also points me to Give Me Something To Read, a site which does just that by culling the hordes of those using a must-have application cited previously on Meanderings, Instapaper.

Let the curating of the Internet commence!

(Via Big Think)

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