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Music on the go

Props to friend of the program @chgoble for pointing us to La Blogotheque’s video-taped concert series on his hot new blog, EpiBlog, connected to his hot, less-new magazine, Epilogue (I’m contributing to the blog; details forthcoming). I’ve just spent the past good-long-while watching them.

The concerts are all taped – the appropriate adjective is, I think, lovingly – in public spaces of sorts. Buses. Bars. Elevators. Here are some favorites:

Beirut – Nantes

Bon Iver – Skinny Love

Note to all concert videographers: watch the crowd.

Phoenix – 1901

Animated parkour

Well, this is cool:

Now taking bets on how long this took, pre-filming. Over/Under is at 20 hours.

Where do you want to wake up tomorrow?

I plan to live blog the ritual sacrifice of several recently-born kittens to make up whatever street cred I had prior to this post, but this video is just too wonderful:

Get from 3:16 to 3:43 with your wits and you, my friend, probably didn’t cry in Brian’s Song either. I’m struck by the sincere attempts people make to answer a question posed by a stranger (the first minute of this similar video, from London, is perhaps the best example). There’s more here.

Each of the videos will give you that cuddly feeling, so ration them for times of need. Enjoy.

Books can be cool too!

This video, from the New Zealand Book Council manages to make books look cool, which is an accomplishment in and of itself:

Grizzly Bear videos ftw

I don’t watch a ton of music videos these days. But this one from Grizzly Bear is really just exceptional:

Claymation! I like it even more than I liked a fan-produced video for Two Weeks: