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We’ve Moved!

There have been no posts here for quite some time. That is for a variety of reasons that aren’t worth explaining, but, I’m here to announce that you can safely remove this feed from your RSS reader. Meanderings is, as of now, dead.

The news is not all bad. I’ve built a new personal site at www.reeveswiedeman.net (personal branding!). As you’ll see, it has every Meanderings post EVER already set up there, along with the ability to change the color scheme, which I thought was cool. There’s also an RSS feed. At this point, I have no idea how often it will be updated, but whatever blogging is done by yours truly will be done there.

So, hope you’ll head over.


Infinite Words: The End

Well, thanks for sticking with my vanity project. I had fun. Hope you did too! Here’s a recap of everything in case you missed out on any. Back to intermittently scheduled blogging next week.

Infinite Words: An Introduction

Infinite Words #1: Individuals

Infinite Words #2: Sex!

Infinite Words #3: More Sex!

Infinite Words #4: Things You Learn In Rehab

Infinite Words #5: Tennis

Infinite Words #6: Sports

Infinite Words #7: Things

Infinite Words #8: Telephony

Infinite Words #9: Depression

Infinite Words #10: Celebrities

Infinite Words #11: Humanity

Infinite Words #12: Drugs

Infinite Words #13: Boston

Infinite Words #14: The Future

Infinite Words #15: The Rest