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On Board #31

Sept. 28, 9:35 a.m.
Northeast Regional, Amtrak, Washington D.C. to New York City

Cindy, I just had to call to tell you something. Have you been to Canal Street? In New York City? I’m going up there, and I’m looking for a Burberry purse, and I thought if I didn’t call you you’d be upset because…have you been back in the secret rooms? Well I was just talking to my girlfriend Sally, and she was telling me about them, and she was saying all these stores have these secret purses in the back, in these secret rooms, and in the secret rooms they have the better quality ones, or something. I thought you’d want to know? Well yeah, they’re probably illegal. Is ther anything you want me to look for, for you? A belt? [To Sally: Do they have belts in the secret rooms, or just purses?]. OK, I’ll look for the belt. Yeah, it sounds too good to be true. Mark will probably be mad, but whatever. Sally? She was up with her two brothers and sisters and she actually had addresses, and she’d walk down the streets stopping at the places she knew were good. They have like these storefront business offices, like a dentist office. I had never heard of it. But the police only want the big dogs, they’re not gonna waste time with these small time dealers.

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