McSweeney’s Tuesday

Man, that long weekend was fun, huh? Now, get to work:

Before you remove us from this frame and replace us with a picture of yourselves, I want you to take a nice, long look at us. We’re gorgeous. What are the chances that your family is as happy and aesthetically pleasing as us? I’d have to say four percent, tops.

That is a message from the family in the photo that came with your new picture frame. The rest of the message is here.

One response to “McSweeney’s Tuesday

  1. I finally clicked through — and that is amazing. My Nana actually does leave in the photos of the fake families, interspersed with photos of our real family. There’s a lovely woman baking cookies with her pigtailed daughter, a smiling couple on the beach…now we know why she never switched them out!

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