The Hustle

A few weeks back, I decided to submit to 48 Hr. Magazine, which you can read all about here. The theme of the issue was “Hustle,” and my submission was about ticket scalpers:

Scott used to scalp at the Stadium almost exclusively, but he said the cops started cracking down too hard to make it worthwhile. As he tells it, he had 400 tickets a night and would supply other scalpers as his grunts. I told him I scalped a ticket in the grandstand for 30 bucks during the regular season. He told me I did well. I asked if I could have haggled for less.

“See, you kids, you come in and say, ‘I want a seat and I’ll give you 10 bucks for it,’ and I just wanna crack you in the fucking head,” Scott said. “Do you go to your job and work for free? Show some respect.”

You can read other selections here, or if you’re in the mood to support crazy publishing experiments, buy the whole thing here (Full Disclosure: I might get, like, one penny of that 10 bucks). But do so quickly, a TV newsmagazine that I didn’t know was still on the air has issued the magazine a cease and desist order. What a world.

One response to “The Hustle

  1. great story man. also: what a novel idea for a magazine.

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