The Killer Bees

We’ve touted Pitchers and Poets here before, but we must do so even more heartily now. It’s the domain of Eric Nusbaum, King of the Political Baseball Essay. We’ve expressed our relative disinterest for the sport elsewhere, and some of the site’s dissertations on sabermetrics will bamboozle the casual fan. But his dispatches about the Killer Bees, a Little League team he’s coaching, are the site’s most accessible and enjoyable posts to date. A recent sample:

It was a tremendously exciting game in chilly, slightly drizzly weather. The parents were on the edges of their lawn chairs and bleachers. The kids were up against the fence screaming their one, extremely obnoxious cheer through the chain links.  Young John Kruk, who normally asks for the time twice every inning –aware that the game will finally end for him at three — only asked once. And I won’t lie, even the coaches were competitive. Our word of the day was not focus, or defense, or aggressiveness. Rather, it was victory. And because in Little League, the moral victory is a very real thing, the Killer Bees achieved their goal.

Check out all the Killer Bees posts here. Leave coaching tips in the comments.


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