Writing soundtrack

I’ve been playing Big Boi’s latest a lot lately, and on that note, I’ve found that listening to hip hop adds, for lack of a better word (I’m listening to Broken Social Scene right now), some welcome flow to my writing. I know there are arguments for not being distracted, or, at most, only playing ambient music. Hip hop certainly isn’t that, but it’s also a genre where wordplay and word placement and mixing up rhymes and alliteration and pacing matter most. Perhaps osmosis kicks in.

So, what do you listen to while you write?


One response to “Writing soundtrack

  1. I never bought this “Listening to X helps me write” stuff. I mean, if it works for you, great. But I have a bit of a mental block where it just seems hocus–pocus-y to think that a certain type of music has an observably effect on the way I write or the quality of what I write. If I have a great idea, it’s going to go as far as my faculties as a writer will take it, irregardless of what’s on in the background. And if I have a crummy idea, Jon Bon Jovi himself doesn’t have enough muse-like powers to make it good.

    All this being said, if the rest of the cultural world embraced puns as lovingly as hip-hop does, we’d all be better off.

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