On Board #65

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August 23, 2009
G Train – 7th Avenue to Nassau Avenue

A case study. What’s his story?

Let’s start with the facts. He’s got his iPod plugged in, a royal blue mini. His primary accessories, iPod aside, are blood (Rose? Beet? Cardinal? Ketchup?) red: his backpack, his DC shoes, and his studio-quality headphones.

He’s clearly a music junkie: a copy of Oliver Sacks’ thick Musicophilia is bookmarked to a page in the middle. He’s into music as human experience, as it makes people move and cry and smile. His hair drops down to his deltoids, giving him a Dave Grohl in Nirvana look, but he plays bass. He wants his music to hypnotically, unconsciously drill itself into your brain.

He sets the book down on his left thigh, and begins tapping in his right knee. A friend comes over to talk, randomly on the same car. Our man seems happy to see him, and tells him he just finished school. His friend is loooking for an apartment. They exchange e-mails, which they had been meaning to do, and one imagines they’ll be playing a gig soon enough.


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