Matt Taibbi Strikes Again

Accusations of hyperbole be damned, I think Matt Taibbi’s great. In part for the substance of his reports – like this latest, on the scourge reaped by Wall Street on one county (and, probably, many other counties) in Alabama –  but more for his daggers:

Blount is a stocky, stubby-fingered Southerner with glasses and a pale, pinched face — if Norman Rockwell had ever done a painting titled “Small-Town Accountant Taking Enormous Dump,” it would look just like Blount. LeCroy, his sugar daddy at JP Morgan, is a tall, bloodless, crisply dressed corporate operator with a shiny bald head and silver side patches — a cross between Skeletor and Michael Stipe.

Dude can create a villain. The rest is enlightening, if you can wade through the financial mumbo jumbo.


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