On Board #63

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July 24, 2009 9:59 am
Q Train – 7th Avenue to Times Square

A man claps, for five seconds or so. He’s applauding a 28 year old man playing the violin. The artist wears a loose brown t-shirt and green sweats. His brown hair is in desperate need of a trim, or a bandanna, sagging down to his shoulders and fluttering over his face as the music goes allegro and he flays to keep up. He has a backpack leaning against the wall and his blue instrument case open in front of him. He’s made 20 dollars and a few bucks more in change. As the train arrives, a woman drops a dollar in.

On board, there is no music. Only the screech of the wheels and scronk of the brakes entering and exiting stations. The rumble of the car bouncing back and forth from rail to rail provides a staccato rhythm section. A disembodied voice provides the vocals: “This is DeKalb avenue. Transfer to the N and R train.”


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