McSweeney’s Monday

Have y’all heard of Avatar? See, it’s this movie, and it’s changing everything:

Powered by revolutionary stereoscopic typography developed exclusively, this new technology will usher in a heretofore unimagined era in reading. This piece, the first ever printed with our proprietary 3*TYPE process, should serve as both an introduction and a primer. You may notice that certain words words are printed twice twice, first in roman and then, immediately afterwards, in boldface. You may also notice the offer, at right, for a special pair of glasses glasses. Order them—or, if you have them already, remove them from their plastic casing and put them on; you will notice that when viewed through these glasses, the doubly printed words appear to leap leap off the screen screen.

At first, the effect may be disorienting, so we recommend that you enter this brave new world slowly. Compare these two simple sentences:

He lunged at her with the icepick.

He lunged lunged at her with the icepick icepick.

Thrilling, huh? From this moment on, nothing will ever be the same.

See the rest of the future, here.


One response to “McSweeney’s Monday

  1. perhaps the presses have found the loophole in those print doomsday prophesies!

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