Infinite Words #10: Celebrities

Here’s post No. 10 in the Infinite Words series. An explanation, if you missed it, is here. Buy the book here. Add your personal favorites in the comments.

We covered descriptions of fictional characters in the novel. Several celebrities pop up as well:

Brando the new archetypal tough-guy rebel and slob type, leaning back on his chair’s rear legs, coming crooked through doorways, slouching against everything in sight, trying to dominate objects, showing no artful respect or care, yanking things toward him like a moody child and using them up and tossing them crudely aside so they  miss the wastebasket and just lie there, ill-used.

NPR had a kind of roundtable on potential subjects – George Will’s laryngectomy-prosthesis sounded hideous. Hal preferred silence and traffic-sounds.

Watt for a time was to Himself as DeNiro was to Scorcese, McLachlin to Lynch, Allen to Allen.

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