Infinite Words #6: Sports

Here’s post No. 6 in the Infinite Words series. An explanation, if you missed it, is here. Buy the book here. Add your personal favorites in the comments.

We covered tennis earlier today. Here are a few notes on other sports:

On golf
Billiards on a big table. A bodiless game of spasmodic flailing and flying sod. A quote unquote sport.

On college recruiting
Ohio State flew him out to Columbus for such a weekend of ‘prospective orientation’ that when Orin got back he had to stay in bed for three days drinking Alka-Seltzer with an ice pack on his groin.

It was, pretty obviously, the start of football season. Crisp air, everything half-dead, burning leaves, hot chocolate, raccoon coats and halftime-twirling and something called the Wave. Crowds exponentially larger and more demonstrative than tennis-tournament crowds.

The murmurs in the bleachers were like a courtroom at an unpleasant revelation.

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