Infinite Words #3: More sex!

Here’s post No. 3 in the Infinite Words series. An explanation, if you missed it, is here. But the book here. Add your personal favorites in the comments.

We dealt with attraction earlier today, now sex: good, bad, and weird.

Molly Notkin often confides on the phone to Joelle van Dyne about the one tormented love of Notkin’s life thus far, an erotically circumscribed G. W. Pabst scholar at New York University tortured by the neurotic conviction that there are only a finite number of erections possible in the world at any one time and that this tumescence means e.g. the detumescence of some perhaps more deserving or tortured Third World sorghum farmer or something, so that whenever he tumefies he’ll suffer the same order of guilt that your less eccentrically tortured Ph.D.-type person will suffer at the idea of, say, wearing baby-seal fur. Molly still takes the high-speed rail down to visit him every couple weeks, to be there for him in case by some selfish mischance he happens to harden, prompting in him black waves of self-disgust and an extreme neediness for understanding and nonjudgmental love.

He bears her to bed as would a waiter a tray.

On stupid men, after sex
[He] lay there stunned under his own stomach’s weight, his eyes narrowed to piggy slits and the faint smirk on his face that of a gorged predator.

An incredible female body, an inhuman body, the sort of body Gately’s only ever seen with a staple in its navel.

The girl was the single passivest person Gately ever met. He never once saw P.H.-J. actually get from one spot to another under her own power. She needed somebody chivalrous to pick her up and carry her and lay her back down 24/7/365, it seemed like. She was a sort of sexual papoose.

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