This Week’s Best Profile

Internet addiction is a serious problem. In China, there are rehab centers to cure you of this disease. But some people die – from the rehab, not the addiction. From Wired:

They didn’t get to say good-bye. This is what Deng Fei and Zhou Juan would remember afterward, the absence of closure. Deng Senshan’s parents handed over 7,000 yuan (about $1,000) for one month of treatment, then watched as their son was taken to a room just off the basketball court. Camp officials advised them to go. It was better for his recovery, they said. As she left, however, Zhou Juan couldn’t resist taking one last look at her son. Through a crack in the door, she saw him slumped in a chair, head bowed. “He looked so sad,” she recalls. “If he had looked up then and said, ‘Get me out of here,’ I would have taken him home.” He didn’t look up.

The full article is here.


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