The Big Red Riding Hood

I just spent over five hours in a movie theater, watching three movies separated by two ten-minute intermissions. Combined, the movies, which make up The Red Riding Trilogy, were the most immersive movie-going experience I’ve had without 3D-glasses. You have the option of watching these movies on IFC on Demand, in your own couch, at your convenience. If you were British you would have seen them spaced out over several weeks on public television. But I chose the five-hour marathon, which, given that I get annoyed by YouTube videos longer than two minutes, seemed rather foolhardy.

Which makes me surprised to pronounce it’s unequivocally the better way to watch these movies (though, I emphasize that watching them separately is a more than adequate, and considerably more rational choice). But I hope the power of the movie – the ever-increasing and enveloping sense of doom – comes through in separate viewings. The dreary colors keep getting drearier, the Yorkshire rubble piles keep getting higher, and every point of possible light and hope is stamped out by the pervasive corruption and various forces of evil – it’s a less-funny, more-disturbing version of The Wire. And watching it all at once only magnifies the weight on you.

Sound fun? It is, sort of!

Bad news: if you’re in New York, tonight’s your last chance.


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