On Board #45

Find out what’s going on here, then send the results here.

Jan. 19, 2009
B Train – 7th Avenue to 42nd Street

The amNewYork crossword puzzle isn’t designed by Will Shortz, but it’s giving a couple some difficulty on the way to work. They should know 3 down (televangelist Roberts, four letters, second one R), which would help with 1 across (pigeons cry, three letters, _oo). She fills in ‘strand’ for ‘leave high and dry.’ He mostly smiles and laughs, but later offers ‘dang’ for 58 down.

They have about half the puzzle done -including all of the middle – by the time we pass over the bridge. Elsewhere on the page, 72 percent of New York believes the Jets will beat the Colts, Dolly Parton turned 64, and you will face many unexpected surprises today, if you’re an Aries.

She crosses a line through each solved clue. He leans forward, staring at the ground. She shakes her pen rhythmically. They’re giving up. With a dozen clues unanswered, she grabs her Powder Puff Girls purse and kisses him goodbye at West 4th, which seems to take him by surprise. The train doors close and he flips the paper over, starting the Sudoku.

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