Fish shootin’

John McPhee wrote about pickerel fishing – and his father’s death – for The New Yorker this week (subscriber’s only, sorry):

I have laid a fly on the water and seen three wakes converge upon it. Where Genio C. Scott, in “Fishing in American Waters” (1869), describes chain pickerel at such a moment, he says, “You will find cause for surprise that will force you to ejaculate.” For my part, I’ll admit, I damned near fell out of the canoe.

Heh. But I was always struck by the line:

“There are people who hunt pickerel with shotguns. In Vermont, that is legal.”

“Really?” I asked a very nice man at the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. He gave a half-sigh, half-chuckle, and said, “Yup.” This is apparently a phenomenon that has been well-covered by numerous outlets. I could find no video evidence, but could confirm that elsewhere, crazy people do it.


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