The Dime Store Floor

A quick aside to give big ups to the Moms and Pops. A couple years ago they reopened a local store in Kansas City, an institution that just happened to be a favorite of New Yorker writer David Owen:

The next place we tried was a store that was called the Dime Store when we were children. It went out of business a few years ago but has been revived, in the same space, as the (New) Dime Store, by two people we knew when we were growing up…

As Anne and I drove to the (New) Dime Store, I predicted that the building’s interior atmosphere – which had once been flavored mainly by dust, plus a sort of comforting over-scent that was related to mildew in the same way that cognac is related to wine – would now be dominated by scented candles, and I was right. In addition, the old wooden floor had been cleaned and sealed, changing not only its smell but also the pitch and timbre of its creaking. Nevertheless, much about the (New) Dime Store seemed gratifyingly familiar. There was a broad selection of notions, just as there used to be, and the candy and toy sections looked very much the same, although the items had evolved.

The piece is for subscribers only. But you’ll get a good education on many things Kansas City – Winstead burgers, Nelson-Atkins art classes – should you choose to read it.


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