I wrote about the possible legalization of mixed martial arts for Read the post here – complete with a picture of a dude who I assume now has a broken neck – along with this nugget from the gym as a tease:

Two trainers went to the mat to demonstrate the “ground and pound,” in which one fighter sits over his opponent and punches him in the head over and over. Tom Apgar, an art handler for several local galleries, was bent over Zach Koonce, who works in film production. Apgar looked like a rodeo cowboy tying down a roped calf, while Koonce laid on his back and shielded the side of his head with his forearms.

“See, he’s protected on the side,” said Apgar, swinging gently at Koonce. “I can hit him on the top of his head but that doesn’t hurt too bad.”

Koonce, barely visible, noted: “It looks worse than it actually is.”

The full post, again, here.


2 responses to “MMA in NY

  1. i had seen the photo on the link you had given it seem to be painful

  2. I have to say I’m a bit disappointed the New Yorker has nothing else under the pankration tag here? What’s that about?

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