On Board #38

On Board’s back for 2010, hopefully with some mild frequency. Details here. Send yours in: meanderingstalk@gmail.com.

Dec. 19, 2009, 3:53 p.m.
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport – Minneapolis to Denver

Outside of the McDonald’s in Concourse G of the Lindbergh Terminal. A man with a pair of sunglasses perched on the brim of a blue baseball cap is eating a Big Mac Extra Value Meal. His large camouflage backpack sits on the ground next to a black rolling suitcase. He’s talking into a bluetooth headset.


Hey brother, what’s up?

I saw a Pennsylvania number so I figured it must be you or Harper. What’s going on?

Good good, I figure you’re calling about your recommendation.


Yeah, no problem, I’ll do it. No problem.

No man, Sally and I are divorced. I’m going out to California to visit my sister.

Man, you saw how happy things were for me in Iraq, so no sweat.

Once you figure out in graduate school that it’s hard to get an A but it’s even harder to get a C, you’ll be fine.

I’m actually on the phone with my girlfriend right now, so…

No problem, brother, I’m fill em out and send em to you.

Hey, you still there. That was a call from Pennsylvania, and there’s only two people I know from there. It was one of the guys from my team. He’s looking for a recommendation to graduate school.

No problem give me a shout, I’ll be right here.

Love you too.



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