Is this football?

My thoughts on the NFL playoffs, via Amy Davidson’s Close Read blog:

I’m struck by how “un-football” (“Anti-football”? “Ballet-like”?) these playoffs are shaping up to be. Of the top four teams, three play in domes and the other in less-than-frigid San Diego. The Super Bowl will be in Miami; no Ice Bowls to be seen here. The Colts, Saints, and Chargers barely concern themselves with defense, let alone handing the ball to a running back, which makes me think the title might go to the team most able to cover Peyton Manning’s jersey in grass, or Astroturf, stains.

Click through for analysis from other much less-renowned writers, like Adam Gopnik and Steve Coll.

FWIW, Go Chargers!


One response to “Is this football?

  1. A classic reactionary, prescriptivist hearkening to the mythical Good Old Days of Smashmouth Football. Is the forward pass an affront to Meanderings’s sensibilities?

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