This Week’s Best Profile

Apologies in advance to non-New Yorker subscribers, but this one’s too good to pass up. I recently found a copy, for $2.95, of “A Sense of Where You Are.” It’s John McPhee’s profile of Bill Bradley, based on his 1965 article – the greatest sports profile of all time, if you’re asking me. A sample:

I asked him what he called his over-the-shoulder shot. He said that he had never heard a name for it, but that he had seen Oscar Robertson, of the Cincinnati Royals, and Jerry West, of the Los Angeles Lakers, do it, and had worked it out for himself. He went on to say that it is a much simpler shot than it appears to be, and, to illustrate, he tossed a ball over his shoulder and into the basket while he was talking and looking me in the eye. I retrieved the ball and handed it back to him. “When you have played basketball for a while, you dont’ need to look at hte basket when you are in close like this,” he said, throwing it over his shoulder again and right through the hoop. “You develop a sense of where you are.”

Read the whole thing here.


One response to “This Week’s Best Profile

  1. Could you use all of your powers as a fact-checking minion to improve the New Yorker digital reader experience? I feel like I have to re-register and wait days for the automatically generated e-mail every time I try to use the thing.

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