On Board #37

Nov. 24, 9:15 p.m.
Midwest Airlines – LGA to MCI

The man in seat 3B is reading Wine Spectator, the December 15th issue, so one assumes he’s a subscriber. He looks the part, with gently disshevelled blonde hair, and the collar raised on his black suit with thin, frequent blue and brown pinstripes. He looks not unlike Mick Hucknall, the back page interview in this issue, and, we learn, a British singer who has been vinting his own wines for the past decade.

Our Spectator is drinking his own glass of wine: Midwest Airlines’ house white, vintage year unknown. He spends some time with a feature article featuring a rolling hill of grapes on one page and a smiling 20-year old in a v-neck sweater, black hair buzzed with what appears to be a 3/8 razor, left leg propped up on something (a vinting device, no doubt) and his left arm propped on the bent knee. He flips quickly through “The Crusade Against Counterfeits,” but seems to genuinely read the small-print reviews in the back of the magazine. He soon bores of the magazine, puts it down, rescrews the gold twist-off top on his green glassed bottles of white (he had two), and dozes off.

Details here.

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