My most incredible experience as a NatGeo photog

Here is the final quote from a YouTube video:

“It was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had as a National Geographic photography.”

And here is the video – with great pictures! – of that experience:

His book is here. Video via the Book Bench.



22 responses to “My most incredible experience as a NatGeo photog

  1. wow, that crazy

  2. Unbelievable! Truly amazing… an experience of a lifetime and a beautiful story to share.

  3. That was absolutely amazing!

  4. Strange behavior. You may think she would attack him instead.

  5. AMAZING!! Thank you for sharing!

  6. wow! why would she (?) do that?
    i heard similar stories of dolphins rescuing swimmers back to land.
    think twice before eating animals!

  7. sekarang saya pindah rumah ke

    I Always Scare every know something it about the world under water & animal which life inside it. .
    huh. .

  8. wow – that’s… amazing :o)

  9. Lucas Oehlerking

    I don’t know where you find things like this. Or, better yet, I don’t know how you find the time to have such a put together blog while working. Can you teach me?

  10. Absolutely awesome! And your photography is gorgeous, by the way.

  11. That is amazing. I’d never expect a wild seal to be so tame. You are a great photographer. I really want to buy your books. I’m actually doing work experience next year with seals so it’ll be a fun story to tell everyone.

  12. Indeed, they are “other nations”!

    thank you so much for this – truly amazing on so many levels!

  13. I think you are a great photographer even I don’t know you much and thank you for sharing this wonderful story!

  14. I love this. Amazing.

    I want to be him.

    Am off to go watch some bbc wildlife programmes now.

  15. this is really amazing!

  16. SOOOO freaking cool. I’m totally J! 🙂

  17. You are amazing. The seal is amazing. Thank you for sharing this incredible experience.

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  19. This was awesome you had to be so excited!
    God Bless you

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