On Board #35

The New York Times has the wildest story you’ll read about the subway this week. On Board ain’t a bad second option though:

Sept. 24, 9:48 a.m.
B Train – 7th Avenue to 42nd Street

A woman is picking up French on her iPhone. There’s an app for that, and this version seems to be for beginners. She’s either too good or it’s too easy, as she easily flicks away a question on the indicatif imparfait with her index finger. She misses one, however, on the indicatif futur simple.

She’s too old for an undergrad, but young enough for this to have more purpose than a hobby. An Indian man, about 30, is trying to learn too, staring over her right shoulder. He’s got an iPod plugged in and a textbook of his own – the old-fashioned paper kind – for an IT course, held at his thigh.

The woman stands up to leave, revealing two buttons pinned to her canvas bag. One is red and reads paix. The other is blue, and says bisous. The Grateful Dead skull on her pink shoes is the only menacing thing about her.


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