An American Soldier

Warning: there’s enough content in this post to keep you busy for a week. The Denver Post tells the story of a soldier – all of 18 years old – from his enlistment in 2007 through training, deployment, break-up, Iraq, marriage, and more. It’s all in pictures:

Despite being 100 pictures deep, each photo in the series seems to be more striking than the one before it. The pictures are the most illuminating to me, but if you’re particularly bored at work, spend some time with the whole multimedia production. There are more pictures; a sort-of-cool, sort-of-annoying faux-magazine reading format for the article (normal text here); a series of well-done videos (I recommend at least taking a look at Chapter 9); and a slew of extras (“From the Humvee Window” is a must).

So, check out the whole thing here. If nothing else, it’s worth poking around this elaborate and mildly innovative way of telling a story online. Let’s hope it catches on – and that the next iteration has some ads to help pay for it…

And then, see this movie.


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