Stephen King’s gore man

Despair not, aspiring horror writers! Even Stephen King – the sultan of sinew, the pharoah of phantasms (I’m done) – has a “gore consultant”:

The pair met at a checkup. Dorr had just graduated med school, and the young author had just finished his first novel, Carrie. When they started talking, the conversation turned to pandemics and how viruses replicate and mutate. King asked Dorr to look at an early draft of The Stand. Since then, Dorr has consulted on classics like The Shining, Pet Sematary, Misery, and Cell. (For Misery, Dorr told King how to cauterize a wound with a blowtorch and which body parts can be surgically removed without killing the victim.)

Does this mean J.G. Ballard had an extraterrestrial consultant? Who was Nabokov’s pedophile expert?

The full story’s here.


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