Colson Whitehead plans your next project

Colson Whitehead jumpstarts your next writing project with a few templates:

Realism Take this test. When you read “These dishes have been sitting in the sink for days,” do you think (a) This is an indicator of my inner weather, or (b) Why don’t they do the dishes? Does the phrase “I’m going as far away from here as my broken transmission will get me, and then I’ll take it from there” make you think (a) Somebody understands me, or (b) Why don’t they stay and talk it out? What is more visually appealing, (a) a Pall Mall butt floating in a coffee mug, or (b) those new Pop Art place mats in the Crate & Barrel catalog? If you answered (a), do we have a genre for you.


Ist Simply add -ist to any oddball or unlikely root word, and run with it. You’d be surprised.

It is noted, at the end, that Mr. Whitehead is the author of a book called “The Intuitionist.”


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