The People of San Francisco

This video documents the people of San Francisco in all their variety. Forgive the contrived opening shot of the Golden Gate Bridge, and place each of these people in your city. At least enjoy the Taxi Driver score, and don’t miss the credits:

One unique thing I noticed while visiting San Francisco was its homeless population, which seems high – or at least conspicuously visible. I haven’t gotten a chance to read through all of this SF Chronicle package on the issue, but the lead supports this conclusion:

The more able of the homeless find their way into shelters, counseling and housing programs. But the most chronically indigent, called the hard core, steadfastly refuse most help and stay outside. These 3,000 to 5,000 homeless at the very bottom are the most visible, and they give the city its dubious distinction of having what many call the worst homeless problem in the country.

Several theories: it’s a pretty liberal place, more helpful to the poor; the weather is milder throughout the year, making living outdoors easier. Further hypotheses encouraged in the comments.

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