This Week’s Best Profile

A classic. One of the best, simply. It’s Adam Gopnik, in The New Yorker, with his article “The Last of the Metrozoids”:

In the spring of 2003, the American art historian Kirk Varnedoe accepted the title of head coach of a football team called the Giant Metrozoids, which practiced then every week in Central Park. It was a busy time for him. He had just become a member of the Institute for Advanced Study, in Princeton, after thirteen years as the chief curator of painting and sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and he was preparing the Mellon Lectures for the National Gallery of Art in Washington – a series of six lectures on abstract art that he was supposed to deliver that spring. He was also dying, with a metastasis in his lung of a colon cancer that had been discovered in 1996, and, at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, he was running through all the possible varieties of chemotherapy, none of which did much good, at least not for very long.

The Giant Metrozoids were not, on the face of it, much of a challenge for him.

You really should subscribe, you know? Then you could read this opus from beginning to end, straight through, here. As it is, you’ll have to settle for working through it in fits and starts thanks to this blog. Start from the bottom, ya cheapskates.


3 responses to “This Week’s Best Profile

  1. Actually had to read this in an advanced writing writing workshop on sports, music, and landscape. Masterful, heartbreaking stuff.

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