War Zone=Catwalk

Benjamin Lowy has some cool pictures at the New York Times photo blog, Lens – especially cool because he’s a photographer who got started shooting combat, and then shot Fashion Week.

His story also might bolster you aspiring photogs out there:

In late 2002, Benjamin Lowy was showing his portfolio to various photo agencies in New York City, with little success. “We have people.” “You’re really young.” “You know, I really think you should go back to school.”

His last stop was Corbis. Mr. Lowy had some extra time before his meeting there, so he went to a Starbucks near Union Square. And applied for a job.

Starbucks never called him back. But Corbis did — offering him his first international assignment, covering the impending war in Iraq. “Basically, the photographer who was going to be the embed for Corbis in Iraq was denied a visa to Kuwait, where all the troops were massing,” Mr. Lowy said. “They only found out at the last minute. It was a huge break for me to do that just out of school.”

More here.

His photos from Iraq, all taken from inside an Army Humvee, are here.


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