Out of darkness

Come stories, apparently. The editors of The Morning News recall their experiences during the 2003 blackout in the Northeast:

Upon my roommate’s safe return from work—she walked from Midtown to Park Slope, Brooklyn—we proceeded to meet and drink with the entire neighborhood before retiring to the roof of our building to finish the wine, the beer, and, oh hell why not, the whisky, too. New York City had thrown a rager while the folks were out of town. Roommate passed out on the roof and I headed back to my 100-degree room with, well, let’s just say someone I liked better with the lights off.

During an ice storm that knocked out power to my house in Kansas City for 10 days, we made good use of the family sleds and played exactly one game of Masterpiece – a board game far too amenable to cheating for my competitive family – before boiling tempers forced my parents to put it away. Finally, we caved, buying a generator so we could watch the Super Bowl.

One response to “Out of darkness

  1. The 2003 blackout was like, the most fun disaster imaginable. We went to our friend’s coffee shop with a case, ate all the perishables, and then hit up the Carvel around the corner for some ice cream cake. Gratis!

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