I didn’t know this yesterday

Your ability to smile in school yearbook photos determines your ability to stay married.


4 responses to “I didn’t know this yesterday

  1. I’m not so sure this is a very accurate indicator.

    I write a blog on how men can better love their wives. I do know that the things I write about will keep marriages together. Check it out if you have a minute.



  2. Come on Reeves, causation vs correlation. Kids who choose to smile bigger might be doing so because of other traits that happen to also predict better spousal success.

    Same thing goes for Ken. Are they staying together because they read Ken’s blog? Or is it just that people who try hard to improve their relationships are also people who have more successful relationships?

    Logic 101 fellas.

    In other words, obese people tend to not brush their teeth as regularly. Is it because they are obese? Or are both indicators of a larger (ahem) pattern?

  3. Are they eating too much candy?

    Eric is right, of course. But what if we take the study as an instructive one? Those who didn’t smile, for whatever reason, shouldn’t even try to get married.

  4. Now we’re talking. As much as it pains me to realize that we brooding mysterious types are unlikely to find domestic bliss, Reeves has a point.

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