Those Fountains

Good friend of Meanderings and baseball aficionado, Eric N., has a new project for those with converging interests in America’s Game and quick wit. It’s the Rogue’s Baseball Index, an “alternative baseball lexicon.”

I was asked to supply a single entry into this vast dictionary. I happily obliged:

Those Fountains

A stadium feature that comes to define a baseball team in the public consciousness more than its on-field performance (i.e. those fountains in the outfield of Kansas City’s Kaufman Stadium). The term is most often used when the team in question stinks, and thus its on-field performance is a subject to be avoided. One exception of note is “That Big Green Wall,” which will in perpetuity overshadow any success had by the Boston Red Sox.

Contemporary synonyms include:

-Those Kayakers In Right Field
-The Swimming Pool
-That Sign That Used To Tally Cal Ripken’s Consecutive Games
-The Rally Monkey

Example in conversation:

Royals fan to Yankees fan: “So, Jeter and the Boys are really pickin’ it up this year, huh?”

Yankees fan to Royals fan: “So, Those Fountains are nice, huh?”

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