On Board #25

Sept. 13, 11:04 a.m.
2 Train – Bergen St. to Fulton St.

A gym bag and bagel with cream cheese – an incongruous combo if ever there was, though their owner, a young man seems to have enjoyed a few more bagels than sweaty trainig session. But with a piece of coffee cake sitting in one’s own bag, who’s to judge?

Certainly not the three young women who look like they’ve never seen a meal they couldn’t satisfy with a Nutri-Grain bar. All three are pretty, as is the red head’s mother, who has taken on a classic matronly look but her toes – painted the same magenta as another woman’s Dunkin Donuts cup – suggest a different past. They look primed for a shopping trip, and one wonders if the black rolling bag is for someone’s trip home or to accomodate a few dresses and shoes. A conversation:

He tells stories like an old man.

He’s kind of boring.

He just bought a house.

I don’t know how old he is.

I can’t remember how they met.

And he’s short.

It’s amazing what happens when you fall in love.

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