The DFW Hour

Presented by Wisconsin Public Radio’s To The Best Of Our Knowledge. It’s an hour on David Foster Wallace, including snippets from past interviews with Wallace and a new interview with his sister.

If you don’t have an hour, at least listen to the last five minutes or so: it’s Wallace reciting part of his less-than-lame commencement speech.


One response to “The DFW Hour

  1. Good links. I’ve been planning on writing about the Kenyon College speech, but I was conflicted about the implications of excerpting heavily from an address-that’s-now-a-for-sale-book. Thank you, WSJ!

    And for any Meanderings comments readers who are interested in more DFW-related content, you should check out my blog, where I started The DFW Fortnight yesterday. I promise it doesn’t suck!

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