On Board #20

You can inform yourself of what’s going on – and how to participate – at this link.

And in honor of the New York Times jackin’ my game, here’s a story about books.

Sept. 2, 9:42 a.m.
Q Train – 7th Avenue to Times Square

Lots of books open today. A middle-aged women reads a paperback with a plug on the back proclaiming “Small Farms Can Pay Big!” There’s a paperback of “Eat to Love,” complete with charts and bar graphs. An unidentified royal blue hardback with no descriptive jacket. A blue hardbound Torah in the hand of an Orthodox Jew – mid-ride he trades it out for a miniature book in brown leather, also in Hebrew. He’s reading aloud, under his breath.

Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” is in paperback – devoured by a young women who appears on her way to a job at a literary agency. A young man in a lime green button down appears in his way to a tech job while reading “Predictably Irrational.” Ditto for the similarly aged man with the lime green backpack (his shirt is more blueberry) reading “Why E=MC2?” Both are hardcover.

One woman, 30 years old, just started a George R. R. Martin novella. She’s standing, and in the seat next to hear a youmg Asian woman is writing in a GMAT mathematics prep book. An older Latina woman two seats down cradles her book so that only the words “…Small Place” are visible in the title. There’s a guidebook to an indeterminate Asian city written in Chinese. A woman smiles a spontaneous smile as she turns a page of The Corrections (in paperback). A man who must be 6’6″ is halfway through Infinite Jest. A 20-year old from West Africa reads something in French.

And finally, there’s a trade paperback by Dorothy L. (it stands for Leigh) Sayers. The title is unclear, but the reader, a woman in her fifties, is just a dozen pages from finishing what must be her 541st book. At Times Square, she places her bookmark on the last chapter, which she just reached, slides her book into a black and tan purse, and exits until her next ride.


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