My feelings exactly

Apologies for all the baseball today, but who knew that 79 years ago, Ring Lardner expressed my exact feelings about the game of baseball in his short essay, Br’er Rabbit Ball:

My average attendance at ball parks for the last three seasons has been two times per season (aside from World Series) and I probably wouldn’t have gone that often but for the alleged necessity of getting my innumerable grandchildren out in the air once in a while. During the games, I answer what questions they ask me to the best of my knowledge and belief, but most of the afternoon I devote to a handy pocket edition of one of Edgar Wallace’s sex stories because the events on the field make me yearn for a bottle of Mothersill’s Remedy.

I will say, I’d much rather watch a game in the stands than on television. Also, you should buy a New Yorker subscription to read the rest of this short article – and EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE NEW YORKER, EVER.


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