On Board #18

Details here.

August 24, 2009
D Train – 7th Avenue to Atlantic Ave.

D—-, from Pittsburgh, or so her name tag says, works at the Late Show with David Letterman, or so her embroidered black polo shirt suggests. Hopefully she gets paid something, but if nothing else she has the shirt with yellow embroidery to go with her black hair, slacks, socks, shoes, skin, and purse.

You hope she’s looking for a career in front of the camera, but not set on one. She’s got a pretty face, and is gently apologetic when she can’t help a fellow Rider figure out where he needs to go (too humble for the screen, perhaps). She had just finished that night’s taping, and was furiously tapping on a pink Samsung phone – to her boyfriend, most likely. She seems happy and young enough that she hasn’t worn tired of her job as an usher or a greeter or a runner for Mr. Letterman.

Suddenly she sprints out at 34th Street, leaping across the platform to catch the F train. She’s got it.


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