On Board #17

August 26, 8:05 p.m.
R Train – Union Street

Dear Reader! There are others out there, just like us! After a friend departed at Atlantic Ave, I noticed a woman frantically scribbling in a notebook, briefly but infrequently looking up and in my direction. She flipped her spiral notebook over and wrote on the back of each page. She was using a blue pen. She had two black rehab boots on.

As I stood to get off the train, she looked up again, pulling her notebook back towards her at a higher angle. I stood by the doors, waiting for them to open, and squeezed a peak. “I have a wedding this weekend.”

We – dear reader! – my friend and I, were discussing a wedding I would be attending that weekend! Is there an On Board scribe out there afraid to go public? Is someone else pursuing the project independently? On Board demands to know…meanderingstalk@gmail.com.


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