On Board #15

An On Board to get you ready for your weekend here. Remember to submit yours.

August 26, 7:48 p.m.
R Train – Times Square to Union Street

There are five people together on the train, all around 30. Three are men: one with gelled hair and a white flowery button-down, another in a polo with his hair turned into a water ski ramp, and a third in a black shirt with the sleeves snapped up above his elbow and jeans torn below the knee. The two women are both dressed in black, one short, the other taller than all the men here, and probably with more muscle to boot.

They converse.

“It’s Kelly O’Leary’s 31st birthday party. It’s the tenth anniversary of her 21st birthday…it’s a pirate theme.”

“I did beer Olympics a few weeks back, somebody was Ireland, another team was France. We had beer pong, flip cup, a case race.”

“Are you gonna dress up? Pirate parties are so fun.”

“I don’t think I have any pirate gear.”

“I’ve got a wedding next weekend. Amy’s got another one.”

“Boy, you signed up for a lot of weddings in this relationship.”

“Yeah…this ones got a lot of activites too.”

“Ah, so you can’t just get in and get out?”

“Nope. It’s gonna be a drunk fest.”

“So, where’s this place you wanna go?”

“There’s a couple of places, we just gotta get down there.”

“There’s this great burger place you gotta try.”

“Have you ever been to Jerome Bettis’s restaurant in Pittsburgh? They’ve got two-way mirrors in the bathroom, so if you’re a guy, you’re standing there and looking out at the dining room.”

“Can they see your face?”

“Nope. It’s awesome.”

At Prince St., they depart.


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