A quick marketing survey: has any movie ever launched a more effective ad campaign than Where The Wild Things Are without actually buying any ads? Let’s follow the timeline:

1. Announce adaptation of children’s book adored by a large swath of movie-ticket buying adults.

2. Release a trailer aimed explicitly at overly emotional hipsters who will talk about it to friends and maybe even get it into a magazine or newspaper or [hey!] blog and do your distribution for you.

3. Have your award-winning screenwriter, Dave Eggers, publish an adaptation of the script in The New Yorker.

4. Release another trailer, that reminds them this is a children’s movie.

5. Put out a deliciously playful song that sounds like something from Raffi but is cool because it’s actually by Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

I haven’t seen a single commercial or conventional advertisement for this movie, but I already know when it’s coming out, and that I plan to see it even though it can’t possibly live up to expectations.

You win, Warner Bros.


4 responses to “Selling

  1. clearly you haven’t gone to see inglorious basterds and seen the AD (not PREVIEW) for the movie 🙂

  2. I would have to say the campaign for The Dark Knight ranks right up there with one of the best unconventional movie campaigns

  3. I saw the trailer for it (gah omg so awesome on a big screen) at Ponyo, does that count?

  4. Movies? In theaters? I only use the Internet.

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